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Why Totem?

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You are unique. You are a synthesis of memories and stories that form your being and that gives you purpose and meaning. A totem is a representation of those stories that build up who you are, that tell the world about you, your dreams, your aspirations. It is a symbol of your past and of your future. It is a reminder of who you are and where you come from, but it is also open for new additions, new stories such as who you might become and where you’re going. Each animal that builds your totem is a story that builds you. Some are forgotten, some are closed deep within yourself and some are in plain sight, for the world to see.

I am here to tell your story. I want to show the world who you are and what makes you… YOU! I want each photograph that I capture to tell something about you and to add to your totem. 


The Creative Behind the Camera

I am Claudia Tecuceanu and I am the Creative behind Totem Photography. I am based in Calgary, AB and love to shoot in this beautiful city and surrounding areas.

My photographic approach is capturing those unique moments of joy, laughter and love, that are authentic and that you’ll remember years from now. You can count on me to direct you and make you look good, but afterwards I will step out of the picture and let you shine and be yourself. After all, this is all about you!

My goal as a Calgary Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer is to take your vision and transform it into a one of a kind experience, providing you with soft, artistic images that you will cherish forever.

Let’s make your story come to life!

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