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Week 4: January 22nd – January 28th,  2015

Day 22: David’s school had a “Peter Pan” performance and it was fantastic! The kids did a great job with acting, costume and set design. It was a lot of hard work involved and the end result was spectacular.

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Day 23: It occurred to me that we don’t have photos of our weddings bands and they are so special to us. We had them custom made almost 10 years ago when we got married, but our wedding photographer never really took a photo of them. Our wedding bands are octagonal and have the Greek symbol for eternity; they’re pretty bulky, but for us they represent commitment, stability and endurance. Just like the two of us. Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, Totem Photography

Day 24: We still read to David every night. We’ve been doing it since he was growing inside me and we’ll be doing it until he says he doesn’t want us to anymore. To be honest, that might take a while, since he gets really upset on some late nights when we’re too tired to read bedtime stories… Hahaha!Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, Totem Photography

Day 25: “Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.”  – Rumi

I took this photo while hiking with Radu & Lucas in Nakiska, waiting for David’s skiing lesson to be done. Nature is so spectacular, even when everything seems dead and forgotten.
Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, Totem Photography

Day 26: My Diploma of Professional Photography arrived today! It encapsulates a lot of hours spent on assignments and course reading, and  I am beyond relief to be done with it and move to my next project. Hurrah for new adventures!Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, Totem Photography

Day 27: This little guy paid us a visit today in our backyard. He reminded me of the White Rabbit, from “Alice in Wonderland”.  I almost wanted to grab him and dress him up and have a tea party! Pinky up, of course!Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, Totem Photography

Day 28: When David has guitar lessons, I take Lucas to the pet store or to the library. We watch the birds and the fish, pet some rabbits or stroll among  rows and rows of books , depending on where we’re going. We love our little moments and it’s important  to remember them. They come and go by so fast. Enjoy them.

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