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[365 PHOTO PROJECT] WEEK 9 | Calgary Lifestyle Photographer

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Week 9: February 26th – March 4th,  2015

Day 57: Another day gone by. While lying in bed, all snug and tucked ready to meet Sandman, I realized that I didn’t photograph anything today. Hence, I grabbed my camera and immortalized my favorite wall clock – the pocket watch! Should I tell you that it’s bigger than Lucas?! 🙂

Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, 365 Photo Project

Day 58: I was getting ready for a photo session with a very sweet little girl, so Lucas decided to be my model while I was checking my light and set up… or rather I decided to take advantage of his cuteness! Not sure which was which, but I’d say he does a wonderful job at being a model!Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, 365 Photo Project

Day 59: Our Shotokan Dojo had an inter club competition with the NE Dojo. Check out hubby being all so focused and kicking some action with the 18-year-olds.
Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, 365 Photo Project

Day 60: Yes, Radu loves to play the circus guy with our kids. He did it with David, our oldest, and now he does it with Mr. “Check-out-my-daddy! My daddy-is-way-cooler-than-yours!” aka Lucas 🙂Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, 365 Photo ProjectDay 61 & 62: David had an eye exam today and they did a dilation… man, his eyes were huge! Needless to say that I did what a normal photographer does: take out the camera and document the weirdness of the situation and then comparing it with next day’s normal eyes. Aaaand… Pow! You get a double-faced David!Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, 365 Photo Project

Day 63: Meet David’s little school chair. Oh, you’re wondering about the giant that barely managed to squish his bum in the seat?! I have no idea who that guy is, but I believe he’s there because he wants to eat David’s homework. See? He started with the pencil! Somebody, save that homework!Calgary Lifestyle Photographer, 365 Photo Project

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