Calgary Family Photographer, Totem Photography, Calgary photographerI’m a nerd who never skipped school on account of “doing the right thing”… yeah, you heard it right! I’m also a very good listener and a lot of my friends really think that I’m a fuzzy, energetic bomb of happiness… but what they have no clue about is that I’m an introvert. Like 81% of me, according to the 16 personalities test…  It must be my empathy kicking in when I’m around them! Speaking of which, I’m very empathetic. That’s according to the Gallup Strength Finder, which turns out to be so freaking right! Here’s why!

5 things to know about me

When my empathy kicks in I make grownups cry… metaphorically! But I do make scaredy dogs, who usually run and hide under the couch when they see a digital camera, pose for me like they are in a Vogue magazine. And little kids who don’t like strangers become my BFFs for the day and give me the most silly laughs and awesome photos. And that also means that I’ll befriend and eventually marry that grumpy, nerdy, analytical awesome guy, who’s actually a softie with a big heart & high expectations of people. I’m looking at you, hubby!

I believe all things are connected. So if you stumble across my work through a friend of yours that you used to go to gym, once upon a time, back in 2012… and then you see me pop in your Facebook feed again in 2015 and decide you want to work together for your beautiful wedding… I believe things were just meant to be!

My hubby says our 2 boys get along from time to time and usually they bicker… I say they usually get along and sometimes they bicker… Then again, I am a positive person. 

Harmony is awesome. Seriously, think about it. Wouldn’t you rather have a cup of tea chatting about a solution, then dissecting why you’re right and she’s wrong!? I’m a solution-finder addict!

My work and the things I create must be meaningful to the world and to myself, and give me the chance to live out my core values. Photography helps me bring meaning into people’s lives, create emotions and add to their family tree. Their Totem. It’s also a means to ensure they have photographs of their mothers, wives, hubbies, their important people in their lives, of special moments, of two year olds tantrums or 15 year olds eye-rolling. Of sweet sixteen’s and tie the knot moments, of grandmothers who still are among us and grandpas that have meaningful tales to tell.

So… why TOTEM?

You are unique. You are a synthesis of memories and stories that form your being and that gives you purpose and meaning. A totem is a representation of those stories that build up who you are, that tell the world about you, your dreams, your aspirations. It is a symbol of your past and of your future. It is a reminder of who you are and where you come from, but it is also open for new additions, new stories such as who you might become and where you’re going. Each animal that builds your totem is a story that builds you. Some are forgotten, some are closed deep within yourself and some are in plain sight, for the world to see.

I am a Calgary based portrait and documentary photographer and I am here to tell your story. I want to show the world who you are and what makes you… YOU! I want each photograph that I capture to tell something about you and to add to your totem.