I’ll come to you like fire and wind, in the roaring light, to be your heart’s desire.

“I’m not fond of being photographed so this boudoir shoot was an exercise in terror and confidence building for me. Of course it helped a lot that Claudia is amazingly talented, and that Bobi did the hair and make up which left me looking like I could belong on a red carpet. Claudia and I brainstormed some ideas to bring a feeling of 19th century painting into photography. From the get go she listened to the feeling I wanted to have, and brought countless suggestions that took my ideas and upped the ante, making them even more impactfull in the photographs. The whole shoot was really relaxed, and fun, both Claudia and Bobi have incredible sense of humor and so the laughs almost never stopped. Never once did I feel uncomfortable, which I really appreciated, and I had a lot of fun.” – Miss K

Your touch… so delicate, like the kiss of the summer breeze.