“Family, like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” – Unknown

The Documentary & The Day In The Life Sessions

Capturing your family in an authentic way, that you will cherish forever – either for a 3 hour time or a full day.

This is for the family that wants more than the typical photographs; they want the story of that moment, with smiles, giggles and sometimes tantrums from little ones. These type of sessions allows enough time to really relax, forget about the camera and enjoy your time together. I’m talking about the family adventures, whether it’s a full day around the house, going to the Zoo, or going hiking or bike riding!

My role as documentary photographer is to observe and take photos without prompts or intervention, while you’ll go on about your day, like you normally do. The result will be beautiful, authentic images of you and your loved ones, that will take you back to that moment each time you look at them.

The Portrait Session

Remember that timeless portrait of your grandfather that you would get to see only during Summer vacations spent with grandma? Or that breathtaking portrait of your mother taken to celebrate her “sweet sixteen?” Well, The Portrait Sessions are just for that – to capture beautiful, simple portraits, to make you heart ache when you look at them or to make you laugh out laud while saying: “Oh, that’s sooo him!”. The simple, 45 minute sessions are for families who wish to have more formal images, and can take place on location or in the studio.